Nentir Chronicles

Into the Dark

What lies in the keep...?

The party proceeded into the lair behind the waterfall and slew the kobold warren. During that fight they battled Irontooth who expressed fanatical devotion to “Orcus” and “Kalarel.” After searching his person they found a letter addressed to Irontooth by Kalarel warning him of possible interlopers in town that had been reported by his spy there. It also mentioned a rift that would spill forth the minions of Orcus into the area. Worried about the spy they went back to Winterhaven and searched the place. They were rewarded handsomely by Padraig for their efforts and went to Wrafton’s Inn to celebrate. Suspicious of the local elf maidens, Ninaran and Delphina, Torment seduced them and banged the crap out of them. While they were indisposed Torment slipped the keys to the other three who tossed both residences. Delphina was innocent but a letter to Kalarel was recovered at Ninaran’s warning of the party destroying Irontooth. Meanwhile Ninaran became suspicious of Torment and escaped out the back window running towards the keep. The party pursued into the first floor of the catacombs and engaged a group of goblins guarding the entry way…and rats.



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