Nentir Chronicles

Problems in Winterhaven

The story begins...

The group was approaching Fallcrest accompanying Torment to swear his services to Lord Markelhay. They were intercepted by Delphina Moongem of Winterhaven with a message from Torment’s former master Valthrun urging him to head back to Winterhaven. En route the crew were accosted by a small band of kobolds patrolling the road. When they reached Winterhaven and Valthrun they were told of possible goings on at the keep north of town as well as the nature of the kobold attacks. At the tavern than night they befriended a elf hunter named Ninaran who assurred them the rumors of evil goings on at the Keep are superstition but urged them to hunt the kobolds. The lord of Winterhaven, Padraig, told them of the danger of the kobolds and sent them in the direction of their ellusive lair. After some tracking they found a path frequented by the kobolds and ambushed them, capturing one called Akrosh and grilling him for information. They learned of Irontooth, a goblin lieutenant present at the burning of Thorn’s forest who is leading the kobolds from their lair beneath a waterfall but is answering to someone higher up. They knocked him unconcious and headed for the waterfall. The kobolds outside the waterfall were slain easily, though they somehow knew they were coming…



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