Nentir Chronicles

Trouble at Home

A not so quick resupply.

The group continued further into the keep, first encountering a small group of mining goblins and their guard drakes. They overheard the goblins complaining about something or someone named “Balgron.” They then turned deeper into the dungeon where the keep gave way to a natural cave. In this cave they were attacked by swarms of giant rats which were eventually scared off by an Ochre Jelly. After an epic battle the party destroyed their foe and agreed to return to Winterhaven to resupply. Upon arrival they found Winterhaven to be walled off. Somehow the dead at the nearby cemetary had risen and were attacking the outlying farms. The group went to investigate and found the spy Ninaran there on orders from Kalarel. They disrupted the black magic that was raising the dead and then attempted to kill Ninaran, who narrowly escaped and fled back to the keep.



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