Iolaus Eversight

A fallen angel, forsaken by one god of virtue, takes up the cause of another.


Level 1 Deva Seeker

Str 16 Con 11 Dex 13 Int 10 Wis 18 Cha 10


Trained Skills

Athletics Heal Nature Perception


After realizing that Bahamut, the God of Law, was too rigid in his decisions, Iolaus left his allegiance with him. As a penalty, Bahamut thought it just to strip him of his divine powers. But nonetheless, he was granted his freedom. Soon after, he swore his new allegiance to Pelor. Seeing that Iolaus needed to prove his worth, he sent him to Fallcrest with one order—-”Bring the darkness back into the light.” And with this, Iolaus responded within the thousands of Pelors servants, “So say we all!” Pelor gave him access to his powers of the natural world. After being sent back to Fallcrest, he was found by Torment Akmenos, another servant of Pelor. Torment unsheathed his long sword and asked, “Who are you? What are you doing here?” Iolaus could not recall anything before Pelor’s order, so with what little energy he had left, Iolaus revealed his nature by changing his human skin into a rich blue. Ironically in deep speech he replied, “I am the instrument of the light.”

Iolaus Eversight

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