Quadartis Ghostfist

A descendant of an exiled clan of incredible psionic power wanders the world defending the weak and seeking his own purpose.


Level 1 Elf Monk

Str 10 Con 12 Dex 18 Int 10 Wis 18 Cha 10


Trained Skills

Acrobatics Athletics Perception Thievery


As the Elves expanded out from Harken Forest, they settled into a region nearby Thunderspire. Unfortunately, during the Minotaurs’ civil war, the expanded village of Woodsinger was caught into the crossfire, decimating the village, leaving behind a small group survivors, a few of which had used Psionic powers to keep themselves alive during the war. When returning to the Woodsinger clan of the Harken Forest, the leader immediately exiled the group, solely for the development of their Psionic powers, calling them abominations to the clan. Exiled away, the small group of elves, who named themselves the Platinum Claw, traveled the area of the Nentir Vale, attempting to find a region that the could settle into. After several decades of the nomadic lifestyle, they found themselves settling in the Dawnforge Mountains. There they built a monastary in honor of Bahamut, whom they viewed as their savior, and it was there that Quadartis was born. Trained in the art of monkhood, Quadartis learned to keep both his mind and body in tune, keeping calm when learning of his own kind’s exile. Wanting to further his training, he set out from the Dawnforge monastary. Upon his travels, he encountered a Pelor monastary, the Temple of Eternal Light, to which he stayed for some time to learn more about its teachings. It was there that Quadartis met Torment Akmenos. Sensing Psionic power emanating from Torment, Quadartis introduced himself to Torment as another user of Psionic power. Realizing that Torment’s Psionic power was still developing, Quadartis decided that it would be advantageous to travel together to help him realize his full Psionic power and Quadartis’ own mission of cleansing the world of corruption on behalf of Bahamut.

Quadartis Ghostfist

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