Thorn Ashenglade

A hotheaded Shifter and his wolf seek to embrace their nature while protecting their "pack" as they failed to before.


Level 1 Shifter Ranger

Str 16 Dex 12 Con 16 Int 10 Wis 16 Cha 9


Trained Skills

Acrobatics Athletics Nature Perception Stealth


Thorn’s parents moved to Fallcrest from the wilds shortly before he was born to better protect their family. Their they worked as servants to Lord Markelhay, caring for the various creatures and animals he owned. It was not long before young Thorn could not control his lust to be in nature and left the confines of the city for a small forest south of the Gray Downs. While there he let his beastial instincts kick in and joined a pack of wolves that prowled the forest’s short eaves. This was a very happy time for Thorn and he became especially close with a young pup he named Strider. One day a warband of goblins moved through the forest, killing all in their path. Only Thorn and Strider, due to the synergy of their combat prowess, survived and fled the burning woodland. The pair scarcely made it to the forest’s western border while being pursued by goblin warriors, but were saved by a mysterious individual. The individual was Iolaus Eversight, and in gratitude Thorn swore a blood oath to follow and protect Iolaus, and later his compatriots, the way he failed to with his pack.

Thorn Ashenglade

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