Torment Akmenos

A disturbed descendant of a cursed bloodline seeks to redeem his people as well as his soul.


Level 1 Tiefling Ardent

Str 10 Dex 12 Con 12 Int 10 Wis 16 Cha 18


Trained Skills

Arcana Bluff Diplomacy Intimidate


Tormet (then known as Therai) grew up as humanly possible, having his parents try to deny him of the demonic past of their ancestors and valuing education as highest priority. Therai studied with the elite scholars throughout the land, each enabling Therai to become more wise and charasmatic. In his final years of his study, Therai took on as an apprentice to a wizard in Winterhaven, Valthrun the Prescient. Valthrun’s atypical teaching methods proved to be the most informing methods of education that Therai had, having him think more abstractly and exhausting his mind in ways he never thought possible, ultimately gaining his outmost repect for him. One evening Therai asked Valthrun about his past, telling him that his parents neglected to tell him of his history. Valthrun reluctantly spoke of the past of the Tiefling empire, Bael Turath, towards Therai. With each vivid story of what the Tiefling ancestors have done to hold their land, Therai grew more and more enraged in his heart, feeling that he has the obligation to make up the wrongdoings of his ancestors. In the midst of all his emotion, he unknowingly transfers his raw feelings towards the mind of Valthrun that nearly drives him insane. Valthrun took that event to understand that Therai was an Ardent, and tried to educate his apprentice. However, Valthrun was unsuccessful because Therai’s raw emotion shadowed his true potential, so he recommended that Therai study and meditate with the local monk at the Pelor monastery, the Temple of Eternal Light. At the temple Therai befriended Quadartis Ghostfist and started his meditation with him. After months of study and meditation at the temple, Therai vowed to erase the stigma of the “Tiefling” and make a better name for him and his family. As a final stage in his meditation and the beginning of his journey, Therai changed his name to Torment to remind him of the raw emotion he feels at the misconception of his race and his striving effort to be great.

Torment Akmenos

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